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BookCon 2018 Is Over Already? Have A Recap!


Hey bookworms! You may have already seen this on my social media accounts, but I attended BookCon for the second time this year. Having a better understanding of how the convention works, my experience with Bookcon 2018 was even better than 2017.

Day One: Samplers, signings, and panels

On Saturday, Catherine and I focused more on panels than anything else. That said, we did manage to get to Fierce Reads early enough to snag samplers of Leigh Bardugo’s King of Scars. If you read my posts on here, you already know that she’s one of my absolute favorite authors. I adore all things Grishaverse, so this was a solid start to BookCon for me. Oh, and if you’re wondering – I’m apparently an Etherealki. So basically, I’m the Darkling. shrug

After getting our samplers, we spent most of the day sitting in on panels. There’s honestly nothing better than hearing authors discuss their stories and writing processes, and we were able to do this a lot. My favorite panels were probably The Magic of World Building and Magic and Power. Both of these featured so many fantastic authors, and the whole thing was only made better by the fact that I’ve actually read most of their books (one up from last year).

Toward the end of the day, I also met Brandon Sanderson. His Mistborn series is one of my favorites of all time, so I was so grateful for the chance to tell him how much his books mean to me. I’ve never met a beloved author before, and this was a pretty amazing first experience. He’s such a nice guy!

Day Two: Booktube, Adam Silvera, and all of the free things!

Since we spent so much time at panels during the first day, Catherine and I vowed to wander the show floor a bit more during the second. The moment we walked in, we ran to the I Love YA tent. Scott Westerfeld, V.E. Schwab, and Kody Keplinger were doing signings there, and we got ARCs of their upcoming books. Can we take a moment to squeal over the fact that I can read City of Ghosts two months early? Oh, and they gave out candy. Free books, autographs, AND candy. Is that not the dream?

Another highlight of day two was just making the cut off for the Shadowhunters Recruitment event at Simon & Schuster. They were out of Magnus plushies, but we snagged some adorable tote bags and samplers for Queen of Air and Darkness. I didn’t think it was possible to get everything you wanted from BookCon, but apparently it is. Who knew?

As for panels, we only attended two of them. The first was the Books + Youtube = Booktube panel, and it was inspiring hearing influencers from the book community discuss their experiences. Among the panelists were Emma from emmmabooks, Sasha from abookutopia, Natasha from Tashapolis, Brandon from brandonbookaddict, Hannah from A Clockwork Reader, and Ariel Bissett. As I watch videos from so many of these people, I loved hearing their perspectives on the book community.

We also went to a panel called Yet To Be: Bravery. We were able to listen to Adam Silvera, Jason Reynolds, Brendan Kiely, Stephanie Garber, and Kody Keplinger describe how their fears have helped and hindered their careers.

Overall, BookCon 2018 was a massive success. I had a great time, and I came home with lots of cute book merch and free ARCs. Catherine and I are slowly getting better at navigating conventions, and I love it. Fingers crossed I get myself to Book Expo next year too!

Did any of you attend Bookcon this year? If not, have you ever? I want to hear stories!

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    1. Yeaaah, BookCon is the one time of year I’m happy to live in New York! 😝 And it depends what you’re going for! If you’re on an ARC hunt, it can be stressful. But the panels and stuff aren’t so bad!

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