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Hiking Season Has Arrived: How To Prepare

Hey there, blog friends! It’s beautiful out right now, and I’m sitting in my house daydreaming about hiking. Thankfully, I’ll be heading to the mountains tomorrow! But in the meantime, I was thinking about ways we can all prepare for hiking season.

Prepare? Yes, prepare. After a long winter, it can be difficult getting back into the hiking spirit. You may have less stamina, you may forget things that you need to bring with you – the possibilities for disaster are endless (spoken like a true worrier).

So how can we prep to ensure our hiking season as is awesome as possible? I’m glad you asked!

Work that cardio into your daily routine

This is hugely important if you’re planning on tackling moderate to difficult trails. If your workout routine has suffered during the colder seasons, it’s time to get back into it. Otherwise, you’ll probably just collapse a quarter of the way up the mountain.

Get your heart pumping as often as possible. Make an effort to schedule walks into your day, and try to run or do another form of cardio a few times each week. Your body will thank you, and your hiking days will be so much easier on you!

Break out your hiking gear and active wear

If your active wear is buried at the back of your closet, time to dig it out. If you’re in near of a new pair of sneakers or boots, buy replacements. You’ll need to be comfy if you’re planning on taking on a mountain.

You should also find your other essential gear – whether it’s just a backpack and some water bottles or your trekking poles. Whatever you need, move it to the front of your closet. It’ll make getting out of the house before hiking trips a breeze.

Start researching the places you’d like to go

Far too often do I wake up on the weekend andΒ thenΒ decide where I want to go hiking. As you can imagine, this makes factoring driving time into our plans difficult. Or it just plain cuts out the possibility of traveling to further parks and mountains – which sucks.

So do your research and choose a few possibilities for your next few hiking trips. Planning in advance will also allow you to check important notices – you know, whether the park is closed that day or being conquered by vicious rattle snakes. The usual things.

Head to the store and buy the essentials

Hiking snacks? Check. Sunscreen and bug spray? Check. Make sure you have everything you need for a day spent in nature. Because we all know coming home from a hike hungry, dehydrated, and covered in bug bites is a no no.

Update your road trip jams

If you’re going to be driving an hour or more to your destination, you might as well have some tunes to blast in the car. Time for a new playlist? I think so.

Well, writing this just pumped me up for tomorrow. Ugh. I’m excited.

What are some ways you get back into the hiking mood after hiding indoors all winter? Let me know in the comments below!

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    1. Thank you! 😊 I’m glad you enjoyed it! And yesss, I can’t wait to hike almost every weekend!

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