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Top Ten Tuesday: Bookish Goals

It’s time for another Top Ten Tuesday! This is a weekly post originally created by The Broke and the Bookish, but now being curated by That Artsy Reader Girl. You can check out her page for a full list of Top Ten Tuesday topics. But the topic for today is bookish goals!

I already did a 2018 Bookish Resolutions post, which is sort of similar to this. But for the purpose of this post, I’ll be listing more long-term goals, so that the two don’t have as much overlap. Here goes:

1. Whittle down my physical TBR.

I’ve acquired a lot of books since building the two bookshelves in my apartment, and now the majority of the books I own are ones I haven’t read. I kind of hate owning so many unread novels, while still somehow managing to collect more and more. So while I do want to focus a little bit on my Goodreads TBR, I want to primarily focus on my the TBR books I physically own. If I can get through most of them, I can also start unhauling the ones I don’t love – which will make me feel way better next time I decide to go on a book buying binge.

2. Unhaul books I didn’t love to make room for new ones.

I touched on this a bit in my last point, but I already have a few books that I need to get rid of (and I’m sure that number will increase once I’ve read more of the books on my shelves). Since I’m definitely going to keep buying books over the years, it makes sense to get rid of the ones I don’t enjoy – especially if I donate them to people who might have a better experience with them!

3. Keep up with new releases.

I’m a big backlist reader, mostly because I missed out on so many hyped novels while in college. In my efforts to catch up on series and novels I haven’t gotten around to, I feel like I’ve ignored a lot of new releases. As a blogger, that can be a problem. So I’m making an effort from 2018 onward to at least read new releases I’m interested in, instead of putting them on the back burner.

4. Complete all the series I’ve started (and haven’t DNF’d).

I’ve gotten a lot better about finishing series I’m in the middle of before starting new ones, but there are definitely some sequels I’ve still got on hold. I want to make a serious effort to get through those this year, this way I can focus all my energy on the new series waiting for my attention. And boy, oh boy, there are a lot of those…

5. Expand the genres I read.

I’m a huge fantasy reader, and I tend to veer toward Young Adult books more than anything else. I’m already working to read more Adult fiction, and I’d like to pick up different genres as well. In particular, I’d like to read Literary Fiction, Science Fiction, and Thrillers a bit more frequently.

6. Read and rate all of my Net Galley titles.

Does anyone else request titles on Net Galley, assuming they’ll be rejected, then suddenly log on and discover they have 10 new titles to review? Because I do this, and it’s overwhelming! I’d like to start requesting less on Net Galley, and I want to make a point of finishing and rating all of the ARCs I’ve already been approved for.

7. Attend more author events/bookish conventions.

I try to get to Bookcon every year – it’s so close, why wouldn’t I attend? But there are always author events for new releases happening in the city, and there are a number of other conventions centered around all things literary. I’ve been saying that I should attend more bookish events for years, but now that I’m blogging, I want to more than ever.

8. Create a Booktube channel.

This is something that’s been on the back of my mind for a while, but I would need to figure out camera stuff and how to edit videos. Plus, there’s the cruel factor of time. But I’m seriously debating beginning my own channel, since I love this community and I’d love to explore new types of content creation within it.

9. Write bookish content for sites outside of my own.

I recently started writing for Odyssey Online and FanSided, both of which I can probably pitch bookish articles for. And I would like to write about books for these sites, as well as for platforms like Book Lovers on Bustle and Book Riot. I just want to spread all the bookish love!

10. Finish my own book.

I’ve been focusing on blogging and journalistic writing as of late, but fiction is my first love. I’ve mastered short stories, but I’ve never managed to finish an entire novel. It’s a goal of mine to change that, to tackle longer pieces and actually complete them. Maybe 2018’s my year.