Lyndhurst Mansion: Tarrytown, New York

I feel like I haven’t hiked an actual mountain in a month or so, and it’s killing me. But this weekend, I visited yet another nature spot on Long Island. Though I’ve been to Tarrytown several times, mostly to visit Sleepy Hollow, my boyfriend and I never thought to look for other places to adventure in the area. Apparently, we’ve been missing out on Lyndhurst Mansion this entire time.

I’ll start with a warning: Lyndhurst is not the same kind of unkept nature as a hiking trail or even that of the Muttontown Preserve. It’s the type of place where the main attraction is a mansion, you can visit the fancy gift shop, and all the lawns and plants are manicured and well-kept. There’s even a $5 dollar charge to enter. It is a still a pleasant place to walk around though, especially before or after Sleepy Hollow, and especially during Halloween season.

The Halloween decor was probably my favorite thing about Lyndhurst, so I’ll have to get back to you guys on whether I’d like the place as much without the spooky adornments. If you do go in October, you’ll get to see all of the creepy scarecrows, made creepier when you realize they were made my middle school children. You’ll also see the dragons, ghosts, and the like hanging out near the mansion itself. There is an option to tour the inside of the place, which we did not do – but peeking through the windows, I’d say it might be worth the going on the tour. It was Halloween heaven inside.

Apart from the general spookiness, there are a few main spots to check out. You’ll receive a map on the way into the grounds, so these will be easy to find. The first notable one is the rose garden, which smells absolutely amazing and looks even prettier. If you’ve ever wanted to pretend you’re living in the Victorian era, this is your chance. Check out that rose garden.

There’s also a short trail that runs along the side of the Hudson. It isn’t much as walking goes, but there’s a pretty view of the river.

All in all, it’s unlikely I’ll be visiting Lyndhurst again anytime soon. It’s the type of place where you can hit everything in one go. It’s beautiful, though, and it’ll take you outside of yourself if you spend enough time there. Plus, come on. Who couldn’t love a place that looks like Halloween exploded all over it? I seriously recommend going during October. In case you didn’t get that.