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7 Reasons To Be Excited For Game Of Thrones Season 7

The seventh season of Game of Thrones premieres tonight (7/16), and it feels like we’ve been waiting forever to jump back into the political sphere of Westeros. With Cersei on the Iron Throne, Dany approaching Westeros, and Jon declared King of the North, season six set fans up for an action-packed seventh season with many long-awaited reunions and confrontations. Below are some of the things I’m most excited about.

  1. Stark Family Reunion
    After witnessing Sansa’s heartfelt reunion with Jon last season, most watchers are eager to see the younger Starks join them in Winterfell. Judging by the most recent trailer, it seems clear that Arya’s heading north. And with the new information he’s garnered about Jon, we can only hope the same is true for Bran. If they do reunite, it’ll be interesting to see how their relationships unfold after six seasons of being apart. I certainly hope their luck will be better during the end of the show than it was at the beginning.
  2. Targaryen Family Reunion
    A meeting between Dany and Jon seems inevitable, and most fans are hoping for an alliance between the last living Targaryens. I do wonder what their reactions to one another will be, especially considering that they’re each focused on different goals. Will Jon agree to help Dany take King’s Landing if she’s willing to aid them in the war beyond the wall? Or will Jon reject the political squabbling, insisting that they need the men to fight off the walkers?
  3. House Lannister Tensions
    There is a popular theory that Jaime will kill Cersei, which makes a lot of sense if you’ve read the books and know the prophecy regarding the “valonqar.” But even if her twin won’t be responsible for her death, he seems to be questioning her course of action by the end of season six. It’s also likely that Jaime and Cersei will be forced to confront Tyrion, a reunion made awkward by the fact that he recently killed their father. When the time comes to choose between Cersei and Tyrion, I wonder what decision Jaime will make. It would be quite ironic if he adds “queenslayer” to his list of accomplishments.
  4. Cersei Might Finally Meet Her Demise
    This is a moment a lot of people have been anticipating for a long time. I will be genuinely surprised if Cersei survives season seven, though I suppose it wouldn’t be the first time the writers flipped our expectations on their heads. But after all of the chaos she’s caused in pursuit of the throne, and considering all the people she’s pissed off in the process, I doubt it she’ll live to see season eight.
  5. Dany Will Storm King’s Landing
    How can anyone not be pumped about this? We’ve been building up to this moment for six seasons. The episode synopses that HBO recently released tell us that Dany will return to Westeros and take up residence in Dragonstone. Tyrion will be planning the invasion of King’s Landing, and Dany has the might of Dorne, House Tyrell, the Dothraki, and the Unsullied behind her. Even if you aren’t a Daenerys fan, you have to admit that this battle is going to be epic.
  6. Littlefinger Is Scheming Something
    I suppose #6 could be a summary of Littlefinger’s character in every episode of every season. But the season six finale left Littlefinger shocked and unhappy with Sansa’s rejection and Jon’s rise to power. We know from experience, however, that no matter how often things go awry, Littlefinger always comes up with a plan. He certainly appears suspicious, lurking about in the season seven trailer. Whatever he’s up to, I hope it doesn’t have a hugely negative impact on Dany or the Starks (but let’s face it, it probably will).
  7. Winter Is Here
    After six long seasons, it’s finally winter in Westeros. House Stark might be thrilled about this, but that excitement won’t last long – with winter will surely come the white walkers. We only get a glimpse of the Night King in the season seven trailer, and it does look like this season will be more focused on the war for the seven kingdoms than the war beyond the wall, but I’m sure the writers will throw in the army of the dead when we least expect it. I only hope the kings and queens of Westeros are prepared.